Service Hour Guidelines

The Office of Civic Engagement defines "service" as a non-paid activity with a community/campus partner that challenges students to meet community and campus needs, teaches responsible citizenship, demonstrates community leadership, bridges knowledge and action, and offers a reflection opportunity. The benefits of Community Service may be tangible or intangible, immediate or long-term.

Guidelines for what is considered service hours include:

  • Service hours may be performed in the local community or at times on the Marietta College campus.
  • Service that is performed on campus must be pre-approved by the Director of Civic Engagement. You must complete a pre-approval form and submit it to the Director of Civic Engagement BEFORE the service event. You will submit your signed pre-approval with your timesheet for the semester. Pre-approval forms can be found on Student section of the McDonough website (
  • Work on campus media (TV, Radio and Newspaper) and membership in external (community) organizations (bands, choirs, clubs) do not count as credit towards service.
  • Membership in campus organizations (College Union Board, Student Senate, Greek Life) does not count as credit towards service in the McDonough Leadership Program. However, service events performed by campus or community organizations are credited toward service. Again, any campus based service must be pre-approved by the Director of Civic Engagement. Please see the Director of Civic Engagement if you are unsure about your particular activity.
  • Campus-sponsored events (e.g., Blue and White weekends, search committees, hosting prospective students and entertainment) do not count without prior approval of the Director of Civic Engagement.
  • Students may turn in service hours that are performed in another community, but this must be pre-approved by the Director of Civic Engagement by submitting a pre-approval form ( In addition, there must be written verification from a supervisor at the site that must be submitted with your time sheet. Written verification must be on the letterhead of the organization, and must include a description of the type of activities you engaged in as a volunteer.
  • Service as a component of a course for a grade will be performed at a site approved by the Director of Civic Engagement in consultation with the course's professor.
  • Students may not turn in observations, student teaching, and capstone consulting as service credit if these hours are a requirement for another program or are performed as a requirement for class.
  • While we encourage a diversity of service experience at varied service sites, there is no limitation on the number of hours earned with one particular organization.
  • Service hours must be recorded on a timesheet (can be found on Student Download section of the McDonough website and contain (1) appropriate signatures from a site supervisor and (2) a brief description of the programs/activities you are documenting. Please use a separate timesheet for each service site (i.e. one sheet for your work at the YMCA, and a second one for the Humane Society).
  • Service hours will be reported to the Office of Civic Engagement by the last day of classes each semester. Service hours turned in late or for service unapproved may not be counted as credit toward the Minor or Certificate in Leadership Studies or a course grade. Additional time sheets are available at the office or can be found on Student Download section of the McDonough website (
  • You are responsible for submitting your service hours on the appropriate time sheet. No other organization or individual will be submitting hours on your behalf. Therefore, if you participate in an activity that you believe is service related, be sure to complete the time sheet and get the appropriate signatures, and turn it in to the

Remember, service should be rewarding. There are a whole host of ways to get involved in the larger community and the campus. Look for opportunities that allow you to develop your leadership skills, practice the knowledge you are acquiring in your major, or something that allows you to share a hobby or activity that you are passionate about with others.

If you are looking for community service opportunities, visit Marietta College’s Volunteer Service Program website at for a listing of community requests. You may also check with the Director of Civic Engagement (376-4490 or


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Opportunities for Service

The habits of an engaged leader are best developed in college through involvement in the community. Students and faculty become involved through service coordinated by the Center's Office of Civic Engagement. Service enhances the overall leadership experience by providing experiential learning for the students - a bridge between academic learning and the real world. Through a service experience, students and faculty not only witness civic responsibility and leadership in practice, but they also contribute his or her own unique qualities to enriching the community.

Here are some of the main opportunities that students and faculty have for service in the community:

City Hall: Through our contacts with Marietta's City Council and the Mayor's Office, Marietta College students have a variety of opportunities to be directly involved in city projects. For instance, students recently have been involved in the mayor's downtown revitalization project - Renaissance Marietta.

Marietta Chamber of Commerce: Students interested in business and economic development will find this site particularly rewarding. Our students recently were involved in a survey of local businesses and the development of an inventory of business needs in the area.

Ely Chapman Education Foundation: This non-profit organization provides a variety of educational opportunities in the community, including mentoring, tutoring, and enhancing the computer skills of elementary school children. Following the tutoring session, there are activities such as athletics and arts and crafts available for children.

EVE: Volunteers work in a battered women's shelter. Leadership students baby-sit children while mothers are in counseling on Monday-Thursday evenings (times to be arranged). They also help in the office if needed. Mandatory training is provided.

"Incredible Community Playground" Maintenance: Workers help with the upkeep of the Incredible Community Playground. This maintenance includes painting, tree planting, and some equipment operation. Service is usually performed on Saturday or Sunday one weekend a month.

Marietta YMCA: Student leaders work with the Youth Sports Program at the YMCA, serving as volunteer coaches, referees, and assistants to the Program Director. Students also help with Parents' Night Out (once a month), special trips and events.

Habitat for Humanity: This site gives students the opportunity to help build and repair homes in the Marietta area and help with their Oktoberfest booth in Lowell, Ohio, in September. Building times include weekends and school vacations.

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